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The War of 1812
Effects of the War
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The Results

The War of 1812 had a profound affect on America and how the world viewed the developing nation. Once the war had been concluded, the British and American ties returned to the ante bellum status quo. One thing, however, had changed, now America was viewed as a nation that was strong and capable, having been able to withstand two wars with Britain. America as a nation had also changed. There was a renewed faith in the country and what it was capable of. The Federalist party was destroyed as all Federalists were considered traitors for attempting to secede at the Hartford Convention. Without a doubt the War of 1812 played a key role in the development of America.

The Treaty of Ghent concluded the War of 1812, but did almost nothing to change how America and Britain interacted. There had been a great American interest in the beginning of the war to acquire Canadian land but, "there were no territorial concessions made by either side" (Warof1812-History). The U.S. did acquire land from Canada but that came after the Treaty of 1818. Following the war the relations between American and Britain were much more peaceful, "Relations between the United States and Britain would remain peaceful, if not entirely tranquil, through the 19th century"  (Wikipedia). The Treaty of Ghent clearly had little impact on the relations between the U.S. and Britain as both countries remained largely unaffected by the compromise.

Signing of the Treaty of Ghent

The War of 1812 gave most countries the idea that America was here to stay and would not be destroyed very easily. Both outside and inside America this idea spread, "The United States did gain a measure of international respect for managing to withstand the British Empire" (Wikipedia). Inside America citizens had a renewed faith in their beloved country, "The morale of the citizens was high because they had fought one of the great military powers of the world and managed to survive, which increased feelings of nationalism" (Warof1812-History). This war also prepared America so that in future wars they would have a superior army, "A significant military development was the increased emphasis by General Winfield Scott on improved professionalism in the U.S. Army officer corps, and in particular, the training of officers at the United States Military Academy ("West Point")" (Wikipedia). Clearly the War of 1812 had a great affect on American nationalism and how America was viewed by the rest of the world.

The War of 1812 also served a purpose that no one had expected, as the Federalist party was destroyed following the war. During the war the Federalist party had considered seceding from the nation, which did not show the nationalism that America wanted. It was because, "the successful issue of the war ruined the party,"(Yahoo-E! ), that an era of good feeling followed where there were no inter-party disputes. These great changes in American government occurred because of the War of 1812 which influenced America greatly.

The War of 1812 had a profound affect on America and much of the world. Following the war the Treaty of Ghent was established to return British and American relations to what they had been before the war. Many nations saw how America struggled to survive and realized the country would not soon leave, this idea also spread throughout America. The war allowed America to enter an Era of Good Feeling following the war as the Federalist party was destroyed due to rumors of conspiracy. Clearly the effects of the War of 1812 are far spreading.